Item Number: Livestock Auction Market Design Service

Livestock auction market custom design service. Our team of experienced designers can help you 1) develop a plan for your livestock auction facility, 2) provide you with an accurate quote and working drawings, and 3) provide you with durable equipment designed specifically for the challenges of processing cattle for auction.

Livestock Auction Market Planning

Preparing a livestock auction market plan is a complex design challenge with many goals.

  • Load-in, load out facilities that are accessible, efficient, and flexible
  • Safe and efficient livestock flow from arrival to departure
  • Safe and efficient sorting alley designs
  • Flexible penning designs that maximize utilization of available space
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Facilities designed to minimize risk to stockmen
  • Durable construction

Hi-Hog’s design team works with key auction mart personnel to develop safe, efficient and functional CAD plans for their facilities. These plans  provide the foundation for developing an accurate quote for the supply of penning equipment. These dimensioned drawings also provide accurate details for locating and installing gate and panel support posts.

Designing a safe and efficient auction mart requires considerable care and an unwavering attention to detail.

There are a great number of design requirements that must be refined to fit with the site and business plan of the auction mart. Each site and each business plan are unique. They require individual attention. Hi-Hog’s design team has the experience and tools to assist in your auction mart design.

Hi Hog custom livestock auction market design service

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