Item Number: Multi-Use Transport Trailer #1574

Make your Hi-Hog Squeeze Chute and System Transportable with the addition of Hi-Hog’s #1574 Multi-Use Transport Trailer.

With a Multi-Use Transport Trailer you can move your System from pasture to pasture.

A multi-purpose Ranch Transport Trailer.

Hi-Hog's #1574 Multi-Use Transport Trailer Fits All Hi-Hog Squeeze Chutes

Load and Transport any of Hi-Hog's Squeeze Chutes

While most squeeze trailers require the operator to manually lift and strain to connect the trailer to the squeeze chute, Hi-Hog’s Multi-Use Transport Trailer can remain connected to your vehicle at all times.

To make transport easier, the trailer is tapered at the back end to guide the trailer around the squeeze body. Once aligned, simply attach the Chains and Slip Hooks to the lifting tabs on your Hi-Hog chute and use the included 2000 lb auto-locking winch to lift the chute into position. (If you are using this trailer on a Hi-Hog squeeze chute built prior to 2024, the lifting tabs will need to be welded on to your existing chute).

The Towing Capacity is 5,000 Lbs. Which is based on the Class #3 Trailer Hitch.

Once your chute has been lifted into position, simply secure your chute with two tie-down ratchet straps and you’re ready to go.

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Note: tie-down straps not included.

a trailer for transporting ranch equipment

Hi-Hog's #1574 Multi-Use Transport Trailer with 5000 Lbs Towing Capacity

Pasture ready System Transport with the #1574 Multi-Use Transport Trailer and Optional #5538 System Transport Rack.

a transport trailer with optional panel rack

Hi-Hog's #1574 Multi-Use Transport Trailer with #5538 System Transport Rack

With the #1574 Multi-Use Transport Trailer, 758 lbs and #5538 System Transport Rack, 419 lbs there is a capacity of 3,823 lbs for your S-Alley Handling System, with plenty to spare for the overall capacity of 5,000 lbs.

A multi-transport trailer capable of transporting most Livestock Handling Equipment around your ranch.

Make your entire Hi-Hog System Pasture to Pasture Portable.

When your chute is loaded on Hi-Hog’s Multi-Use Transport Trailer you will have 7 1/4” inches of clearance below the trailer frame to help you negotiate your pastures bumps.

The draw-bar is designed for improved control of  backing your chute into position and aligning with your Cattle or Bison Squeeze Chutes. Increased tongue length allows for sharp turns.

The increased width of the Multi-Use Transport Trailer, (758 lbs) allows the transport of Bison Squeeze Chutes. As well as #1566 Hydraulic Cattle Squeeze Chute, (2,331 lbs) with #1535 Head Holder for Hydraulic Squeeze, (108 lbs). Total transport weight of (3,197 lbs).

a multi-purpose transport trailer loaded with acattle squeeze chute.

Hi-Hog's #1574 Multi-Use Transport Trailer With #1556 Hydraulic Squeeze Chute and #1535 Head Holder

  • 7 1/4” of clearance below the trailer frame
  • 10 of clearance below the squeeze chute floor
  • The hitch coupler will fit a 2” ball. 
  • Draw-bar designed for improved control for aligning with squeeze chute. 
  • Spring loaded quick-hooks 
  • Includes new 205/75 D15 tires
a multi purpose trailer loaded with a Bison squeeze chute.

#1574 Multi-Use Transport Trailer with #2360 Manual Squeeze Chute

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  • Item Number 1574
  • Item Weight 758 Lbs
  • Maximum Capacity 5,000 Lbs
  • Length of trailer frame 15’-10 3/8”
  • Weight – with #1556 Hydraulic Cattle Squeeze Chute and #1535 Head Holder = 3,197 Lbs (including transport)
  • Height – with Hydraulic Cattle Squeeze Chute = 8’-10 9/16”
  • Length – with #1550 Manual Cattle Squeeze Chute = 16’–10 9/16”
  • Weight - with #1550 Squeeze Chute and #1536 PA Head Holder = 2,582 Lbs (including transport)
  • Height – with Manual Cattle Squeeze Chute = 7’-10 1/2”
  • Length of towing tongue (draw-bar) 5’-1 7/8”
  • Width – To outside of trailer wheels 7’-6 7/8”
  • 2" Ball, 3" Channel, 5000 Lbs M.G.T.W., SAE Class 3
a trailer for transporting ranch equipment

Hi-Hog' #1574 Multi-Use Transport Trailer for Squeeze Chutes, System Panels and Nifty Feeders (soon)

a bison squeeze chute on Hi-Hog's transport trailer

2024 Bison and Cattle Squeeze Chutes Have Lifting Brackets Attached

2024 Hi-Hog Cattle and Bison Squeeze Chutes come with Welded Hoops fit to the New #1574 Multi-Use Transport Trailer Lifting Hooks.

Pre-2024 Bison and Cattle Squeeze Chutes require New Brackets for the #1574 Multi-Use Transport Trailer to be welded onto the Squeeze. Please inform Sales if your Squeeze Chute is Pre-2024 so we will be sure to include them.

a portable ranch transport trailer

Lifting Hooks on the #1574 Multi-Use Transport Trailer in the Down Position

If you are loading any other items in the chute they should be located so the balance of the load is slightly forward on the tongue side of the trailer axle. This will minimize the risk of trailer tail swing. Do not overload the tongue or axle.

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