Item Number: Optional parts for a cattle working alley

Hi-Hog's cattle handling alley options include an alley stop, and elevated walkways

 Which options do you need for your cattle working alley?

  • Alley Stop
  • Elevated Walkways
  • Walkway Stairs

Adjustable Alley Stop, item #170

Hi-Hog Alley StopAdjustable Alley Stop

The no-back alley stop is positioned overhead in the cattle working alley. The height of the alley stop can be quickly and easily adjusted for any sized animal. When the animal passes under the alley stop the stop will drop behind the animal to prevent cattle from backing up in the working chute.

Hi-Hog Alley-Stop mounted on an adjustable U-Alley

Alley-Stop mounted on Hi-Hog's adjustable U-Alley

Hi-Hog Alley-Stop mounted on an adjustable S-Alley

Alley-Stop mounted on Hi-Hog's adjustable S-Alley

For optimum flow we suggest the first alley stop is placed at least two animal lengths up the alley from the crowding tub. 

The alley stop will not restrict the functionality of the working alley in any way.

  • Item: 170
  • Weight: 45 lbs.

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Elevated Walkways

Hi-Hog offers a range of curved and straight elevated walks. The walks hang on the side of the working alley. 

If you require help identifying what walkway's you need contact Hi-Hog.

Hi-Hog cattle alley walkways

Item # Description Fits on Weight (LBS.)
235 Outside Curve 1350, 180, 230 105
245 Straight - 9'-4.375" 240 94
255 Straight - 6'10.375" 250 80
265 Straight - 4'-6.375" 86 51
275 Transition Walkway rolling door gaps 9.5
1403 Inside Curve - 7'-3 3/4" 1402 80
1403-R Outside Curve - 7'-3 3/4" 180 78
1405 Inside Curve - 9'-9" 1340, 190 94
1445 Outside Curve 10'-8" 1440 104

Walkways for Hi-Hog's adjustable alley

Non-Adjustable alley walkwaysWalkway Transition 

Hi-Hog's standard walkways are designed to attach end-to-end with the neighboring walkway when using plain alley spreaders. When you use an alley spreader that includes a rolling door a gap is created between the walkways. The Walkway Transition securely fills this gap. The design of the Walkway Transition adapts easily to any combination of walkways.

Transition Walk

Optional Transition Walk, Item 275, 9.5 lbs.


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Walkway Stairs

Hi-Hog's standard walkways are mounted at a height of 18" above grade. If you prefer a gentler climb the addition of a set of stairs will satisfy your needs. The stairs can be set anywhere along your walkway. No tools are required for installation and you can easily relocate the stairs if needed.

Stairs for accessing Hi-Hog's cattle working alley elevated walkway

Walkway Stairs, Item 1406, 31 lbs.

Add stairs to support cattle flow and reduce work

Work the point of balance and minimize effort with addition of stairs


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