Item Number: Overview of Cattle Working Alleys

Hi-Hog offers a wide range of alley components to provide unmatched flexibility in creating a cattle handling system that will meet your ranches individual needs. This overview will introduce you to the individual alley types. For a full description of any of the alley types visit the dedicated web page description.

Hi-Hog cattle handling alleys Alley Types 2021Hi-Hog's basic alley styles are:


'Adjustable S-Alley

This is Hi-Hog's most popular cattle working alley. The alley spreaders are laid out in a straight line while the alley panels are curved. The first alley section is approximately 11' long. Additional alley sections will extend the alley length by 10'. This alley can be set up on uneven ground.

Adjustable U-Alley

The adjustable U-Alley spreaders are set up in a curve with a diameter of roughly 19.5 feet. For best results the U-alley should be set up on a level surface.

Adjustable Straight Alley

The adjustable S-Alley spreaders are set up in a straight line and our straight alley panels are pinned to the S-Alley spreaders. This alley can be set up on uneven ground.

Adjustable Sorting Alley

The adjustable sorting alley creates a straight alley section that provides a side exit for diverting animals out of the alley or into another alley. This alley can be set up on uneven ground.

Adjustable Combination Alley

The Adjustable U-Alley to S-Alley spreaders allow both the adjustable Straight alley and S-Alley to be combined with an adjustable U-Alley. This gives you excellent flexibility to create custom alleys that fit your individual requirements, all with standard stock products. All U-Alley sections should be set up on a level surface.

Double Alleys

Hi-Hog offers both an adjustable and fixed width, double alley solution. These spreaders use the same connectors as with all our other alley spreaders to allow you to transition from a double alley to any of our single file alleys.

32" wide, fixed width cattle handling Alley

Hi-Hog offers a number of non-adjustable alley spreaders that can be combined with any of our alley panels to create a non-adjustable alley.

24" wide, fixed width Steer Alley

The 24" wide, fixed width alley spreaders are most commonly combined with Hi-Hog's standard stock 5' high panels to create a steer alley in Hi-Hog rodeo arena designs.

18" wide, fixed width Calf Alley

The calf alley is a special alley which is primarily used to feed Hi-Hog's calf tipping table. The alley spreaders and  panels are designed specifically for handling calves.

Working Alley Parts

All of the above alleys are made with some combination of working alley panels, walkways, and alley spreaders.Hi-Hog cattle working alley parts 2021

Hi Hog Working Alley Spreaders

A wide selection of working alley spreaders

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