Hi-Hog’s experienced design team have helped a wide array of individuals, groups, and companies with their design challenge. The sample drawings below provide a taste of the range and scope of projects we can help you with.

Sample One, Auction Market Design:

Learn more about Hi-Hog's Auction Mart Design Service

Sample Livestock Auction Market Plan by Hi-Hog Farm & Ranch Equipment

Sample Two, Border Services Inspection Facility:

Learn more about Hi-Hog's cattle processing facility design service

Cattle Processing Facility - Custom Design by Hi-Hog

Sample Three, Community Pasture Design:

Learn more about Hi-Hog's Community Pasture Design Service

Sample custom design of a community cattle pasture by Hi-Hog

Sample Four, Veterinary Facilities:

Learn more about Hi-Hog's Veterinary design service

Sample design prepared and built by Hi-Hog for a Veterinary Facility

Sample Five, Veterinary School Facilities:

Learn more about Hi-Hog's veterinary school design service

Sample of a veterinary training facility designed and built by Hi-Hog

Sample Six, Zoo Facilities:

Learn more about how Hi-Hog can help your zoo facility design.

A sample design prepared and built for a zoo by Hi-Hog

Sample Seven: Park Facilities:

Learn more about some of the park projects Hi-Hog has designed

Bison Facilities designed and built for Blue Mounds State Park by Hi-Hog

Sample Eight Feedlots and Packing Facilities:

See Hi-Hog's Cattle Processing Facility Design Service

Sample receiving dock at a beef processing facility designed and built by Hi-Ho

Sample Nine, Semen Collection Facilities:

Learn more about how Hi-Hog designs and builds beef cattle semen collection facilities.

A Bull semen collection facility with group pens designed & built by Hi-Hog

Sample Ten, Custom Design and Production:

Learn more about how Hi-Hog assists businesses like yours with custom design and production manufacturing.

A sample of a part manufactured by Hi-Hog for a local companySample Eleven. Custom Horse Barn Plans

Learn how Hi-Hog can assist you develop a plan for your new or existing horse barn.

Horse barn design assistance provided by Hi-Hog

Sample Twelve, Specialty Horse Facilities

Let Hi-Hog help you develop your horse facility plan

Hi-Hog helps equine facilities design stall plans that will meet their needs

Sample Thirteen, Rodeo Facilities

Learn more about Hi-Hog's Rodeo Arena Design Service

Hi-Hog Rodeo, ranching, and riding arena design assistance


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