Hi-Hog's experienced designers are here to help you plan your future calving barn.

Hi-Hog understands that your ranch is unique. This is why they offer to help you design a calving barn that fits your barn, your ranch, your herd, your calving program, and your individual preferences. And best of all, its FREE!

To assist you Hi-Hog's designers will need to ask you a few questions about:

  • Your herd
  • Your barn
  • Your penning needs
  • Your equipment preferences

Tell us about your herd

  • How many cows
  • How many cows would you like to house in the barn (max).

Tell us about your barn

  • Provide dimensions of the available space in your barn
  • Clearly identify and locate all doors, posts or any critical physical features
  • Identify where your cows will enter and/or exit your barn
  • Describe any issues that may impact design. For example you may need to store a tractor in one area, or you may want to be able to walk in a straight line from one door to another without having to climb any panels.

Tell us about your penning needs

  • How many animals would you like to hold in group pens for observation?
  • How many calving chutes would you like?
  • How many mothering pens would you like?

Tell us about your equipment preferences

  • Do you prefer the calving enclosure or the calving/trimming chute?