A collection of sample calving barn designs and plans

To assist you with your calving barn design Hi-Hog offers several sample calving barn plans below. 

All the equipment shown in the sample calving barn plans is portable so you can easily remove the equipment after calving season to:

  • Make room in the barn or shelter for other functions
  • Re-locate the equipment to other locations where you may require it.

Sample Calving Barn Designs

For your consideration, please find below several sample calving barn plans. All the plans feature either the Hi-Hog calving enclosure or Hi-Hog calving/trimming chute.

Because your barn or shelter is likely not the same as any of the samples shown below, please use the samples as an opportunity to understand the concepts behind the plans. Each of the barns will have considered the following calving barn features:

  • Large group pens for cows you are watching
  • Pens for cows that are calving
  • A calving enclosure or calving trimming chute for helping cows who need assistance
  • Pens for holding calving pairs while they bond (~12 to 24 hours)
  • Pens for holding calving pairs during poor weather conditions (~ 2 to 3 days)

Note: some cows have difficulty bonding with their new calf and may require up to two weeks to accept their calf. For more information see "Understanding maternal behavior helps bonding"

If you would like to explore the calving barn further you may wish to visit Hi-Hog's discussion on Calving Barn Design Considerations.

If you have any questions, or you would like Hi-Hog’s assistance to modify one of these plans, simply contact Hi-Hog, or call 1-800-661-7002 during business hours and one of our design staff will assist you with your design. This is a FREE service.

If you’re calling from within mainland North America you can reach us toll free at 1-800-661-7002 (Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm MST).

NOTE: To see the drawing details we recommend viewing the samples drawings on a large screen.

Sample calving barn design 01

Calving Barn Sample 01 Calving-Barn-Sample-01.pdf

Sample calving barn design 02

Calving Barn Sample 02 Calving-Barn-Sample-02.pdf

Sample calving barn design 03

Calving Barn Sample 03 Calving-Barn-Sample-03.pdf

Sample calving barn design 04

Calving Barn Sample 04 Calving-Barn-Sample-04.pdf

Sample calving barn design 05

Calving Barn Sample 05 Calving-Barn-Sample-05.pdf

Sample calving barn design 06

Sample Calving Barn Design and layoutCalving Barn Sample - 06

Sample calving barn design 07

Sample Calving Barn Design 07  Calving-Barn-Sample-07.pdf

Sample calving barn design 08

Sample Calving Barn plan from Hi-Hog - 08 Calving-Barn-Sample-08.pdf

Sample calving barn design 09

Sample calving barn design and layout - 09 Calving-Barn-Sample-09.pdf

Sample calving barn design 10

A sample of a large calving barn with Hi-Hog pens and calving/maternity pen Calving-Barn-Sample-10.pdf


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