The following sample horse barns demonstrate a range of horse stall installations featuring various barn styles and various combinations of Hi-Hog equine products.

There are three primary reasons customers take advantage of Hi-Hog’s free horse stall design service.

New Horse Barn Construction

To avoid the expense and delay of having to order custom stall components, savvy customers come to Hi-Hog before their barn has been built. Hi-Hog can then provide the customer, architect or builder with accurate drawings showing how much space Hi-Hog’s stalls require. With this knowledge, your architect/builder can ensure the details of your barn design will allow Hi-Hog’s stalls to be quickly, securely and easily installed.

Existing Barn Structures

Most of our horse stalls are destined to be installed in existing barn structures. These customers have Hi-Hog’s designers come up with the best combination of wall brackets and stall components to meet their horse barn goals. Armed with accurate drawings, including dimensions and a list of the items they need to order, the customer can confidently order the products they need to complete their project.

In some situations, customers may choose to have some custom parts made in order to optimize the use of their existing barn structure. Again, Hi-Hog’s designers can develop accurate drawings showing how the custom parts will fit into their barn. The designers can then provide the customer with an accurate cost on the custom parts. If the customer proceeds with ordering the custom parts they can do so knowing they will fit accurately. Be aware that there are additional costs and time delays when ordering custom components.

To assist our customers, Hi-Hog has prepared a horse barn design guide. This guide offers valuable insight for both new and existing barn developments.

Large Equine Facilities

When large numbers of stalls are required we often get a call from the customer to develop accurate drawings and parts list for their order. Typically these are prepared for fairs, exhibitions, event centers, veterinary clinics and education facilities. These projects often fall under Hi-Hog's custom equine projects category.

The Samples

Sample One: standard Hi-Hog box stall layout with dimensions for an architect, builder (open PDF)

Hi-Hog Sample Horse Barn Plan - 01
Sample Two: stall layout for an existing barn, standard stalls (open PDF)

Hi-Hog Sample Horse Barn Plan - 02
Sample Three: stall layout for an existing barn, custom stall required (open PDF)

Hi-Hog Sample horse Barn with Custom Stalls
Sample Four: stall layout where existing barn posts are utilized (open PDF)

Hi-Hog Sample Horse Barn Plan - 04
Sample Five: horse barn featuring Hi-Hog standing tie stalls (open PDF)

Hi-Hog Sample horse barn plan with standing tie stalls
Sample Six: box stalls with fixed foaling stalls (open PDF)

Hi-Hog Sample Horse Barn Plan - 06
Sample Seven: stand alone, back-to-back box box stalls (open PDF)

Hi-Hog Sample Horse Barn Plan - 07
Sample Eight: Portable event stalls, back-to-back (open PDF)

Hi-Hog Sample Horse Barn Plan - 08
Sample Nine: Custom portable stalls in an existing building (open PDF)

Hi-Hog Sample Horse Barn Plan - 09

Sample Ten: Portable stalls with integrated roof structure and tarp roof (open PDF)

Hi-Hog Sample Horse Barn Plan - 10


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