Hi Hog Cattle Squeeze Chute Trailer
Squeeze Chute Trailer

Turn your stationary Hi-Hog cattle squeeze chute into a portable cattle chute with the addition of Hi-Hog’s squeeze chute trailer. With a mobile cattle chute you can share your chute with neighbors or transport your cattle chute from pasture to pasture.

Hi Hog Sternum Bar
Sternum Bar

The sternum bar stops livestock from kneeling when they are in the head gate which is very helpful for a broad range of procedures such as semen testing, AI and Preg checking.

Hi Hog Neck Extender for PA Squeeze Chute
Neck Extender

Hi-Hog’s low stress neck extender offers superior access for performing neck injections

Hi Hog Head Sweep for PA Squeze Chute
Hydraulic Head Sweep for Hi-Hog’s hydraulic squeeze chute

The hydraulic head sweep provides an alternative to the neck extender on Hi-Hog’s hydraulic squeeze chute

Custom Extended 03 two tone
12" Head Gate Extension

This special order item bolts on to Hi-Hog's standard Parallel Axis Squeeze Chute body to extend the front-end of the chute by 12"