Item Number: Loading Chutes #75, 76

Hi-Hog’s adjustable cattle loading chute is the only loading chute you need. The extra heavy duty loading ramp quickly adjusts for secure loading from stock trailers to cattle liners.

Hi-Hog's adjustable livestock loading chute

Stationary loading chute with adjustable ramp, item 76

Hi-Hog's portable livestock loading chute with adjustable ramp

Portable loading chute with adjustable loading ramp, item 75

The loading ramp is in two sections. The rear ramp is hinged in the middle of the chute. The rear ramp rests on the adjustment leg base plates which are raised during transport and lowered to ground level when chute is placed.

The front ramp has 5 pre-set height adjustments in 8” increments beginning at approximately 16” up to 48”. These heights can vary, depending on the variable height adjustment of the Loading Chute support legs.

The recommended maximum angle of the ramp is 20-25°. The rear ramp while in use is ~15° and the front ramp at the highest setting is ~20°, which is well within the standard.

Hi-Hog cattle loading chute with adjustable ramp

Easily adjust the loading height of your ramp

The loading ramp floor is made from 1/8” checker plate, with 1.25” square tubing traction bars mounted on 9” centers, providing the recommended space of  approximately 8” (Mayes, 1978). The basic principle for all species is that the animal’s foot should fit easily between the cleats to provide good traction. If cleats are too far apart, the feet will slip. (Grandin, 2008)

For additional traction, the ramp surface includes a high grip textured powder coat finish.

For the safety of your livestock the inside of the loading chute is lined with 48” high sheet metal.

The livestock loading chute includes adjustable stabilizer legs at the front and back of the chute. The four stabilizer legs allow you to level and stabilize your chute, even on irregular terrain.

  • First lower the rear stabilizer legs to the desired elevation and secure with supplied adjustment pins.
  • Next lower the front stabilizer legs to ground level.
  • Using the jack which is built into the drawbar, lift the front of the chute until the load is taken off of the transport axle. At this point it’s recommended to remove the two Wheel Assemblies.
  • Final adjustment can now be made to the front stabilizers and secured with supplied adjustment pins. The best results are when the face of the loading chute is perpendicular to the ground plane. 

If you purchase the stationary loading chute (item 76) you can always upgrade to the portable loading chute by purchasing the optional transport kit (item 74).

Transport Kit for Loading Chute

Transport Kit for Hi-Hog's Loading Chute, Item #74

Please note: The axle capacity of this transport kit is 3,196 lbs. If you are loading any other items in the chute, they should be located so the balance of the load is slightly forward on the tongue side of the trailer axle. This will minimize the risk of trailer tail swing. Do not overload the tongue or axle. 

If you choose Hi-Hog’s portable loading chute option (Item 75) you will appreciate the spring loaded rear stabilizer legs which make it easy to return the rear ramp to its transport position and lock it in place. The loading chute with transport kit comes with a jack to assist with both setting the ramp height as well as leveling the chute. Because the loading chute remains level it will always line up squarely with both the lead-up alley and livestock trailer.

The rear of the loading chute is equipped with Hi-Hog’s standard connectors which allow you to attach any of Hi-Hog’s panels without the need for adapters.

Contact Hi-Hog to inquire about their loading chute options.

Optional Panel Hangers, Item #77

Panel hanger for Hi-Hog's cattle loading chute

Optional panel hanger, Item 77

Optional panel hangers are available for those who wish to transport panels with the portable loading chute. The panels should be loaded and tied to the cattle loading chute to ensure the weight is balanced ahead of the axle. The maximum axle capacity is 3,196 lbs.

Item # Description Weight (lbs)
76 Stationary Loading Chute 1400
74 Transport Kit for Stationary Loading Chute 170
75 Portable Loading Chute 1570
77 Panel Hanger (require two per side) 12

 Hi-Hog's Universal Loading Chute with two stage ramp, goes from yard to liner with ease.


With Hi-Hog's Common Connector System Hi-Hog's Universal Loading Chute can be added to any Hi-Hog System for loading out directly from the sort.

A plan drawing of a Hi-Hog Cattle handling system that includes the option for a load out.

Sort directly from your system to trailer or liner with Hi-Hog's Universal Loading Chute.

Balanced and Mobile. Hi-Hog's Universal Livestock Loading Chute

Stockyard Loading Chute

Stockyard Loading Chutes Hi-Hog frequently collaborates with feedlot owners to design and build their livestock processing facilities. A key part of many of these facilities are their load-in, load-out facilities.

Note: this is a custom, non-stock item

The loading dock shown here includes:

  • A curved alley ramp for improved flow
  • A pivoting dock transition for safe alignment
  • A flat landing for safe transition from truck to ramp
  • A gate for the driver to access the truck gate.
  • A sight line slot for working the flight zone
  • A smooth interior sheeted with hot roll

Stockyard Loading Chute - Plan viewContact Hi-Hog to inquire about their loading chute options.

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