Item Number: 1536 - Manual Head Holder

Calm your livestock with Hi-Hog's head holder. You can work with confidence with Hi-Hog's secure hydraulic lock.

Effortless operation and secure hold

Hi-Hog's head holder option

Better by design

  • smooth, effortless operation
  • secure hydraulic lock (does not require a hydraulic pump)
  • can lock in both the closed and open position
  • no springs or friction lock points to wear out or slip during use
  • curved head yoke and cradle provide superior head control without reducing animal access
  • grease fittings on all primary pivot points
  • can be installed for left-hand or right-hand operation
  • one size fits all
  • three height adjustments
  • bolt-on unit fits all current and earlier Hi-Hog PA Squeeze models with self catch headgate 
  • We recommend pairing the head holder with Hi-Hog's sternum bar.


Calm your livestock with Hi-Hog's head holder

Hi-Hog head holder

Head holder does not interfere with self-catch operation

Head Holder does not interfere with full opening of self-catch headgate