Item Number: Sternum Bar #1554

The sternum bar stops livestock from kneeling when they are in the head gate which is very helpful for a broad range of procedures such as semen testing, AI and Preg checking.

Before you mount your sternum bar, decide if you want it closer to the headgate, or further away from the headgate.  

Sternum Bar option mounted in Hi-Hog cattle squeeze chuteHi-Hog Sternum Bar set towards back of chute

Sternum Bar mounted in a Hi-Hog cattle squeeze chute

Hi-Hog Sternum Bar set towards the front of the chute


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Optional Sternum Bar - Brisket Bar

The sternum bar can be removed in seconds by simply removing the two hinge pins that secure the bar to the floor brackets.

When you first receive your sternum bar you will need to bolt the floor brackets to the squeeze chute floor. All Hi-Hog chutes built after 2016 include pre-drilled mounting holes

For the safety of your livestock Hi-Hog’s sternum bar:

  • Is gently sloped on the entry end of the bar
  • Does not extend through the head gate on the exit end of the bar


Sternum Bar

  • Item Number 1554
  • Item Weight 28 Lbs.
  • Overall Length 40 7/8"
  • Height above chute floor 18”

Ask an expert about Hi-Hog's sternum bar option

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NOTE: If you are adding this to a chute built prior to 2016 you will need to drill four 9/16" dia. holes through the floor of your existing Hi-Hog chute to secure the floor mounted brackets (new chutes come with these holes pre-drilled).