Item Number: Squeeze Neck Extender #105

Hi-Hog’s low stress neck extender offers superior access for performing neck injections

Hi Hog Neck Extender for PA Squeeze Chute option

Hi-Hog's integrated self-catch neck extender

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Hi-Hog’s neck extender is linked directly to Hi-Hog’s self-catch head gate, which allows the neck extender to be activated by the animal’s shoulders at the same time the animal contacts the self-catch head gate. This minimizes the risk of stressing or injuring your livestock while allowing the animal to catch itself without a handler at the head gate.

Hi Hog Neck Extender in line with self catch head gate

Neck Extender rests against self catch head gate when set for next animal

When the self-catch head gate is pushed into the chute to catch the next animal, the vertical bars of the neck extender are also pivoted back into the chute. When your animal makes contact with the head gate with its shoulders its head will already be past the neck extender bars. This eliminates the head and ear bruising that occurs with many neck extenders.

As your animal pushes the head gate forward with its shoulders, the neck extender will, through the linkages, extend away from the head gate to create a large 8.5” wide safe zone for needle injections.

Hi Hog Neck Extender Neck Access

Providing a large safe zone for needle injections

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Hi-Hog's neck extender design removes the risk of closing the neck extender on your livestock’s jaw or eye socket. Hi-Hog's solution substantially reduces animal stress levels (now and in the future) and helps to ensure your stock do not go off their food.

Hi Hog Neck Extender Fits all sizes

Excellent neck access for injections

Easy to add
The mounting collars are already installed on the Hi-Hog squeeze so you can add the neck extender to your chute in about a minute.


  • Neck Extender
  • Item Number 105
  • Item Weight 173 Lbs

NOTE: When you are setting the width of the neck extender ensure that it is set to the same settings as the self-catch head gate. 

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NOTE: The head gate will not swing fully into the chute when the neck extender is attached. If required, the neck extender can however be quickly detached from the head gate by simply popping the pins out of the connecting collars. With the neck extender detached the head gate can swing fully into the squeeze chute.

The neck extender can also be purchased in combination with these other Hi-Hog products:

  • Self-Catch Head Gate with Neck Extender, Item 106
  • PA Squeeze Chute with Self-Catch Head Gate & Neck Extender, Item 1551

The neck restraint can also be retro-fitted on an older model Hi-Hog Parallel Axis Squeeze Chute. The installation requirements for a retro-fit head gate handle will vary depending on the age of your chute. Please contact our office for more info at 1-800-661-7002.

Canadian Funding Opportunities

Funding may be available in some Canadian Provinces through the ‘Growing Forward 2’ program to help offset some of the costs on the purchase of a squeeze complete with neck extender.


Hi Hog Neck Extender centered

Calf standing calmly in neck extender

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Alternate Terms:

Neck Extender: head restraint, shoulder holder, head holder, neck stretcher, neck injection control, head stabilizer

Head Gate: head bale, head stanchion




The video below shows an old 2009 version of Hi-Hog's PA squeeze chute w neck extender