Hi-Hog’s square bale feeder is the perfect feeder for the cow / calf operator feeding square bales. Four rugged hurricane feeder panels quickly pin together to create a rigid square bale livestock feeder.

Hurricane Square Bale Feeder

This is a cow / calf feeder

Hi-Hog's Hurricane Square Bale Feeder

Hurricane - Square Bale Feeder


  • The bale saver stanchions project inwards to reduce feed waste
  • Four hurricane feeder panels pin together to create a solid cow/calf feeder
  • The panels pin together to create a rigid corner brace
  • The corner stanchions are closed off to block feed access
  • 22 feeding positions


  • The frame ends are 1.9” OD 12-gauge
  • The frames rails are 2-3/8" OD (0.125) wall
  • The stanchions are 1-1/2”, 14-gauge
  • The 22” high base is sheeted on the outside with 16-gauge sheet metal


  • Inside dimension: 8'-11" x 5'-2"
  • Outside dimension: 10’-11” x 7’-2”
  • Stanchion opening horizontal width: ~ 13.5”
  • Feeder Height: 60”
  • Feeder Weight: 676 lbs.
  • Combine two item 1244 and two item 1248

The individual feeder panels can also be used as fence line feeder panels.

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