Hi-Hog has two bale spear styles for you to choose from; a 3-point hitch bale handling spear and a bucket mount bale handling spear.

Hi-Hog offers two styles of Round Bale Handling Spears:

  1. Three-Point Hitch mounted - Bale Handling Spear
  2. Bucket mounted - Bale Handling Spear

Three-Point Hitch Bale Handling Spear

3-point-hitch round bale spear

3-Point Hitch Mount - Bale Handling Spear

The three-point hitch bale spear allows you to lift and move bales without dismounting from your tractor. This bale spear will fit on the 3-point hitch of most category #1 & #2 tractors.

  • The spear is made from heavy steel plate, 1” x 3” x 48”
  • The spear is equipped with 2 stabilizing prongs to prevent the bale from spinning
  • Adjust the height of the main spear with the provided chain.


  • Weight: 101 lbs.
  • Item Number: 1580

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Bucket mount bale handling spear

Hi-Hog Bucket Mount Bale Spear

Bucket Mount Bale Handling Spear

This attachment can be mounted to all front-end loader buckets.

Hi-Hog Bucket Mount Bale Spear

Instructions for mounting Hi-Hog's Bucket-Mount Bale Spear

Mounting Instructions:

  1. Level bucket to waist height
  2. Suspend spear on bucket edge with mounting prong. NOTE: The mounting prong is designed to assist in mounting the spear, it is not designed to carry the weight of a bale
  3. Hook your mounting chain to one of the chain loops on the mounting arm
  4. Route the chain behind the bucket, over the top of the bucket, down under the spear and back over the top of the bucket and attach to the other mounting chain
  5. Use a chain binder to cinch the chain tight. NOTE: Chain & binder are not included.

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