The Nifty Feed Dispenser allows one person with a round bale handler, trailer style feeder, or optional Nifty Feed Dispenser Trailer, to load, transport and dispense grain, cake feed, pellets or supplements to livestock under range feeding conditions.


Nifty Feed Dispenser in action

The diameter of the feed dispenser drum corresponds to the size of a typical round bale, and the volume of the drum allows for a loaded weight similar to a densely packed round bale. This matches the lifting capacity of a round bale handler.

Under winter conditions the weight of the dispenser will pack the snow into a 30-inch-wide feed trough to avoid waste.

The cleated circumference of the drum provides sufficient traction to rotate the drum when it contacts the ground.

The Nifty Feed Dispenser will help with winter and summer supplementing, pre-breeding conditioning, or extended pasture during drought conditions. An ideal feeding system.

  • an ideal pellet feeder
  • dispenses feed at 15 foot intervals
  • reduces feed loss
  • reduces dust
  • works well with most truck-mounted round bale handlers
  • easily adapts to bale processors or 3-Point Hitch units (with adapter)
  • adjustable door and baffled interior permits mixing of supplements with feed
  • delivers enough supplement for up to 250 head in one trip
  • 37 bushel capacity
  • Item 8965
  • Weight: 730 lbs.
Nifty Feed Dispenser

Nifty Feed Dispenser

The feed dispenser comes with two adapters.

An optional Nifty Feed Dispenser Trailer is also available (see below)


Nifty Feed Dispenser trailer for range feeding conditions

Nifty Feed Dispenser Trailer


The Nifty Feed Dispenser Trailer 

  • Includes new 15″ tires
  • 2″ ball hitch
  • Cross tie chains
  • 2000 lb auto break winch
  • 2000 lb trailer jack
  • The complete trailer weighs 476 lbs.
  • Item 8966

This trailer is designed specifically to handle Hi-Hog’s Nifty Feed Dispenser.


Available Parts

  • Feed Dispenser Adapter Set, Item 8965-AD
  • Feed Dispenser Axle Set, Item 8965-AX
  • Feed Dispenser Door Assembly, 8965-DR


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The video below shows an old 2010 version of the Nifty Feed Dispenser