Item Number: 1/3 Circle - Reverse Crowding Tub

This tub design is popular for small producers or for those with limited space. This standard quarter reverse tub redirects your livestock by 180 degrees from their entry angle. Reduce the number of tub sections to achieve a 150 degree alteration.

Small operators, or those who have limited space, can still achieve improved efficiencies with Hi-Hog's compact 1/3 circle tub. 

Hi-Hog's quarter circle livestock crowding tub - cattle sweep

Reversible 1/3 circle crowding tub

The drawings above show the parts required to create two different sizes of cattle crowding tubs with the compact reverse design.

  • The two-section tub will redirect the cattle approximately 180°
  • The one-section tub will redirect the cattle approximately 150°

This compact tub is designed to encourage efficient cattle flow.

The first helpful design detail locates the exit 180° from the direction the livestock were flowing when they entered the tub. It is well recognized that, when pressured, livestock want to return to where they came from.

The second design feature locates the exit beside the pivot point of the crowding gate. Livestock will often turn to face the moving pivot gate when they feel pressure. Because they may not immediately see the exit they will turn to face the pivot gate and find the exit.

Please note that overfilling the tub will slow down your processing. A good handling system design will ensure the livestock can see into the alley that the crowding tub is feeding.

NOTE: do not overfill your tub with cattle as this will make it more difficult for your livestock to turn and face the exit.

NOTE: do not overcrowd your cattle in your tub as this will make it more difficult for your livestock to turn and face the exit.

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Hi-Hog quarter reverse cattle sweepDesigned for safety
The value of a safe, reliable and efficient crowding tub should not be overlooked. The crowding tub is critical to the overall efficiency of the handling system yet many crowding tubs fail to consider the challenges of the working tub environment. The crowding tub is often filled with anxious livestock and the ground is often slippery and uneven. This creates a dangerous environment both to your livestock and to you the handler.

Remove foot traps
For this reason, Hi-Hog’s heavy duty tub spreaders run overhead rather than on the ground. Pipes or flat steel ground braces create foot traps for your livestock and tripping hazards for the handler. To eliminate foot traps Hi-Hog also extends the sheeted curved tub panels all the way to the ground.

Tall sides
For better control the tub panels are 66” high. On occasion livestock sometimes get their feet up on the top rail. This is why the top horizontal rail extends to the overhead tub spreader to ensure legs don’t drop down in between the panels.

Noise reduction
Calm livestock are easier and safer to handle. This is why Hi-Hog caulks the sheeted metal tub panels to minimize noise.

Hi-Hog's exploded view of parts required in a quarter circle crowding tub

1/3 circle - Reverse crowding tub

Item # Description Weight (lbs)
230 10' Curved Tub Section 208
270 Overhead Tub Spreader 46
280 Pivot Gate with Tub Spreader 442
240 9'-3" Straight Sheeted Panel 194

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Crowding Tub: Cattle Sweep, sweep system, crowding system, cattle tub