Item Number: Funnel Crowding Tub

The funnel crowding tub is the most efficient, and most popular, of Hi-Hog's crowding tub solutions.

safe handling of cattle on the ranch in the winter

The Funnel Tub Design Gives You a Safer, More Efficient Cattle Flow

The funnel tub design will help you achieve safer, more efficient cattle flow

Efficient cattle handling is largely dependent on the design of your crowding tub. The half-circle version of the funnel tub provides the best of the funnel solutions because it will turn the cattle 180° to return your cattle to where they came from.

All of Hi-Hog's crowding tubs are completely reversible which means that each tub assembly can be set up for either a clockwise or counter-clockwise operation.

Hi-Hog's funnel crowding tub can be set-up for clockwise or counter-clockwise

Modular components can be set-up for clockwise or counter-clockwise operation

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Remove the Wedge
The curve of the inside funnel panel contributes to the efficiency of the crowding tub. As the pivot gate closes on the livestock the cattle will sometimes turn to face the pivot point of the moving crowding gate and can get wedged in the corner of a traditional tub. With Hi-Hog's funnel tub, the curved face of the funnel panel bends into the crowding tub and eliminates the wedge at the pivot point. With the wedge removed your cattle can focus on the exit into the working alley.

Better line of sight to the exit
The visual relationship between the crowding tub and the working alley is critically important. From the viewpoint of the cattle in the crowding tub your cattle should see clearly into the working alley. If the cattle cannot see into the alley or, if there is something in the alley that distracts your cattle, your livestock will hesitate or refuse to enter the working alley without added pressure and stress.

To avoid this, the exit from Hi-Hog’s funnel crowding tub is highly visible. The curved face of the funnel panel flows seamlessly into the working alley directing the livestock clearly to the exit.

NOTE: be sure to design your working alley to flow off of the funnel so your stock can see well into the alley. If your livestock hesitate to enter your alley, take a look at your alley from their perspective. If they can’t see a safe exit from the tub they will hesitate or refuse to enter the alley.

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One, Two or Three section crowding tub.

Modular components provide multiple design solutions

Create the funnel tub you need with Hi-Hog's modular cattle tub components

Sometimes the full three section funnel crowding tub will not line up with your existing conditions. In these cases, you may need to change the number of tub sections you require.

Hi-Hog Funnel Tub component parts

Hi-Hog Funnel Crowding Tub modular components

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Standard Funnel Crowding Tub Parts


Item Number Description Weight (lbs) Quantity
230 10' Curved Tub Panel 208 3
270 Overhead Tub Spreader 46 3
280 Pivot Gate with Tub Spreader 442 1
1370 7' long, double load-out gate 224 1
1340 S-Alley B-Section 216 1
1091 6' high, 3-Way connector post 11 1

Optional funnel tub assemblies
The funnel section of the crowding tub can be modified to fit your individual requirements. For example the 7’ double load-out gate can be replaced by any of the following:

  • 1375 - When a large exit is required
  • 250 - When no exit is required
  • 1380 - When only a man gate is required
Hi-Hog Funnel Crowding Tub Alternate Parts

Select the options you need for your funnel crowding tub

Options to the standard double load-out gate panel


Item Number Description Weight (lbs)
1375 7' long frame with sheeted gate 208
250 7' long sheeted panel 146
1380 7' long sheeted panel with gate 209

The funnel can also be shortened by using a curve 7’ 6” panel (item 1342) on the inside of the tub and a PASS gate (item 85) or PASS panel (item 86) on the outside of the tub

Hi-Hog Crowding Tub with short funnel options.

Options for a shorter funnel tub section

Short funnel option

Item Number Description Weight (lbs)
85 PASS Gate 122
86 PASS Panel 95
1342 S-Alley 7'-6'' B-Section 165

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The video below shows an old 2009 version of Hi-Hog's funnel cattle tub