Item Number: Self Catch Headgate PA #100

Hi-Hog’s reliable and efficient self-catch headgate stanchion lets the animal catch itself so you can use your time to work the animal (rather than the head gate).

This headgate is included on our highly respected parallel axis cattle squeeze chute

Hi Hog's self-catch head gate

Self-Catch headgate in closed position

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Low Stress design for the safety and comfort of your livestock

The foundation of all of Hi-Hog’s livestock equipment designs begins by ensuring the comfort and safety of your livestock. Livestock that are calm can be worked more efficiently and with less risk to both your animals and those working the cattle handling equipment.

Animals that can be worked calmly have also been shown to return to feed faster resulting in better weight gains and less risk of injury or illness.

Here are some of the steps we've taken to protect and calm your livestock:

  • To minimize bruising the headgate is mounted to the squeeze body with shock-absorbing spring-bolts
  • The headgate will swing in or out, to the full width of the cattle squeeze chute, minimizing the risk of hip-lock and providing your livestock with a clear, non-threatening, passage through the chute.
  • The stanchions narrow above 48”, but they remain parallel below this height. This is done to minimize the risk of livestock choking if the animal should kneel down in the cattle squeeze chute
  • The headgate is sheeted to protect your livestock and focus their attention on the exit.
Hi-Hog squeeze chute with headgate open to the full width of the chute

Headgate opens to the full width of the squeeze chute.

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Ease of Operation

Before you begin working your animals you will want to set the neck opening for the size of cattle you will be handling. Quick adjust plungers on the top and bottom of the head gate make it possible to adjust the headgate opening on the fly (no tools required). The three neck stanchion openings available are 5”, 7.75” and 10.5” in width.

Hi Hog manual squeeze head gate set to catch animal

Set the headgate to catch quickly and safely

The self-catch position is quickly and easily set with the simple limiter chain (shown above in red for clarity). Simply push the head gate in to the width that you want and draw the limiter chain in behind the headgate doors and latch the limiter chain in the slotted key-lock bracket.

When you’re ready to release your animal from the squeeze chute simply push the release handle in the direction your animals want to go.

  • If your animal is pushing forward on the headgate, then push the release handle forward and your animal will push the headgate open to the full width of the chute.
  • If your animal is pulling on the headgate, then you release, or loosen, the limiter chain and push the release handle towards the back of the chute. The headgate will swing fully into the chute, providing your animal with an unobstructed exit from the chute.

A device for the safe handling of cattle

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Quality Materials

Hi-Hog builds its products to work efficiently and easily for years to come. To ensure this can be done we select only premium quality parts.

  • Extra heavy duty timing chain for smooth dependable operation
  • Grease fittings on all hinge collars
  • Premium arctic grade grease 
  • Heavy duty 1/4" head restraint chain
  • Heavy duty pigtails and chain clevis
  • Coned and capped tubing
  • All metal sheeting is caulked to reduce noise and vibration

Built in Safety features

The bottleneck in the stanchion prevents your livestock from throwing their heads up into the latching headgate mechanism. Additionally, the stanchions also include two safety guards just above the bottle neck. These guards protect the locking plates from being accidentally released by an animals horn.

To further control the head of your cow, we have included a heavy duty restraint chain with pigtail chain retainers and chain cleats. The restraint chain can be quickly set and released, and is far safer than a rigid head-smashing steel bar.

Additional Rope Cleats provide additional tie points

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Future Ready

The headgate comes with mounting brackets already welded to the stanchion to allow you to easily add Hi-Hog’s optional neck extender.

Self-Catch Headgate for PA Squeeze Chute

  • Item Number: 100
  • Item Weight: 295 Lbs
  • Outside Height: 76.5”
  • Inside Height (Clear): 68”
  • Outside Width including Handles: 50”
  • Outside Width of Headgate Frame Only: 39”
  • Centers on Mounting Bolts: 36”
  • Number of Stanchion adjustments per side - Top 3 per side
  • Number of Stanchion adjustments per side - Bottom 3 per side

NOTE: Head Gate handle sold separately.

Self catch Head Gate Handle 101

PA squeeze cam head gate handle, item 101

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 Alternate terms

  • Head Gate: head bail, yoke, stanchion
  • Self-catch: self-locking, auto-catch