Item Number: Hydraulic Head Sweep #1561

The hydraulic head sweep provides an alternative to the neck extender on Hi-Hog’s hydraulic squeeze chute

Head Sweep option for your Hi-Hog Hydraulic Squeeze ChuteExtend your head control and neck access with Hi-Hog’s optional Hydraulic Head Sweep.

  • Hi-Hog’s hydraulic cattle chute includes an extra hydraulic control that can be used to run the head sweep.
  • The head sweep arm is long enough to prevent livestock from ducking under the sweep.
  • Provides excellent control for head work.

Hydraulic Cattle Squeeze with optional head sweep by Hi-HogOptional hydraulic neck sweep (shown in green)

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  • Hydraulic Head Sweep
  • Item Number 1561
  • Item Weight 100 Lbs.
A Head Sweep used on a hydraulic Cattle Squeeze Chute to control the direction a Cow's head is positioned, for veteranarian care.

Hi-Hog #1561 Neck Sweep Option for Hydraulic Squeeze Chutes.

NOTE: The standard neck extender must be removed for proper operation of the head sweep.