Item Number: Steer Alley Parts #3350, 3360

An alley sized for handling rodeo steers is essential in any timed event rodeo design. Combine Hi-Hog’s 24” wide alley spreaders with any of Hi-Hog’s livestock panels to create a steer alley that meets your needs.

3350 24" Non-Adjustable Steer Alley Spreader 38
3360 24" Non-Adjustable Steer Alley Spreader with Swing Gate 71

Hi-Hog carries a 24” wide alley spreader (item 3350), as well as a 24” wide alley spreader with a swing gate (item 3360). Both of these alley spreaders can be pinned to any of Hi-Hog’s panels to create an alley sized for handling rodeo steers. 

The 24” wide alleys spreaders are most commonly used as part of a rodeo arena design. They are used to create an alley for controlling steers as part of the lead up alley to the roping box / roping chute. Additionally, these alley spreaders are often used to create a steer stripping alley.

24" wide, fixed-width, alley spreaders for steer alleys

Sample rodeo steer alley including arrow sorting pens.

Hi-Hog also offers two curved panels designed specifically to work with the 24” alley spreaders. Item 3338 and 3339 can be pinned to either of the 24” alley spreaders to create a smooth and efficient 90 degree turn. Learn more about Hi-Hog's arrow sorting pens.

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