Item Number: Rodeo Stripping Chutes

Hi-Hog’s rodeo stripping chutes are created for the individual rodeo arena design using heavy duty standard stock products. The requirements and design for the timed event stripping chutes vary from the rough stock stripping chutes.

Timed Event Stripping Chutes
The timed event stripping chutes are designed to safely hold a calf or steer that has just performed. While in the stripping chute, a handler will remove any rigging such as ropes or horn wraps before releasing the calf/steer into a holding pen or return alley. A wide variety of configurations are possible. The design of the stripping chute may vary with:

  • the purposes of the arena
  • the size of the stock going through the chute
  • the amount of control the owners of the arena require
  • available budget

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Arena’s that will host rough stock as well as timed events would require 6’ high panels along the interior perimeter of the arena. If your timed event stripping chute is part of the arena perimeter then one side of the stripping chute will need to be taller.

If larger steers are being used you may have more success getting the stock into the stripping chute with the larger opening created with the 32” alley spreader with rolling door rather than our standard 24" wide steer alley spreaders.

If there is a paid audience waiting to see the action then you may want a team of handlers tending to more than one stripping chutes to ensure your event runs efficiently.

Lastly, the funding you have available may also have an impact on the options you select. If this is just a practice arena for home than you may be fine with using Hi-Hog's 5' high corral panels.

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Rough Stock Stripping Chutes for bulls and broncs

In a typical rough stock rodeo arena, the alley’s that are utilized to load the left and right bucking chutes are often used again to help strip the rigging from the bull or bronc. In our standard return alley two stripping chute stages are provided on each side of the center alley.

The stripping chutes include responsive rolling doors at each end of the stripping chutes. The side panels are six-foot-high heavy duty panels. The panels are typically 8′ or 10′ long. An optional 7’ walkway can also be added.

Arena Design

If you would like help preparing your arena design give Hi-Hog a call and their AutoCAD designers can prepare a design of the arena you want. This is a free service.


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