Item Number: 32" wide - fixed width alley parts

Hi-Hog offers three 32" wide, fixed-width, alley spreaders. Combine these spreaders with any of Hi-Hog's panels to create the livestock handling alley you require.

32'' wide Fixed-Width Cattle handling alley spreaders

32" wide, fixed-width, alley spreader options


20 32" Non-Adjustable Alley Spreader 41
30 32" Non-Adjustable Alley Spreader with Swing Gate 78
40 32" Non-Adjustable Alley Spreader with Rolling Door 177

The pin connectors are on 34" centers while the interior width of your cattle handling alley will be 32".

  • Item 20 is a plain 32" wide alley spreader
  • Item 30 includes a hinged gate with plunger latch
  • Item 40 includes a rolling door, control rope and rings

You can combine the fixed width alley spreaders with Hi-Hog's sheeted straight and curved alley panels to create a working alley that meets your needs. The fixed width alley is suitable for those who only handle mature cattle.

Sample 32" wide, fixed width, cattle handling alley

Sample fixed width cattle handling alley

NOTE: item 250, can be replaced with a number of alternate panels that include sorting gates. See "adjustable sorting alley"

NOTE: the sample alley shown includes 66" high panels on the outside of the alley and 60" high panels on the inside of the alley.

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