Item Number: Rodeo Sorting Arrow

Quick Draw Arrow Sorting Pens are critical to the success of rodeo timed events where competitors draw for their calf or steer. Neither the cowboys nor the audience want to wait while you struggle to cut a specific animal out of a pen full of calves or steers. With Hi-Hog's Quick Draw Sorting Arrow you don't have to.

Quick Draw Sorting Arrow

The quick draw sorting arrow makes sorting a breeze. Simply cut your stock into their own individual pens. It doesn't matter which pen each animal is in, as you only need to release the animal that has been drawn. 

Sample plan of a Hi Hog timed event Sorting Arrow

The 12’ long x 5’ high diagonal sorting panel includes four smaller stock gates with connector pins. 8' long x 5' high heavy duty panels are pinned to the diagonal sorting panels to create a set of four, one-animal, pens. The stock are held side-by-side so there is little isolation stress.

By extending the sorting alley and/or mirroring the sorting alley you can increase the number of pre-sort pens in multiples of four.

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Timed Event Sorting Arrow with Item NumbersParts:

  • Item 3340, Diagonal Feed Sorting Panel - 255 lbs.
  • Item 3350, 24” wide Steer Alley Spreader – 38 lbs.
  • Item 3360, 24” wide Steer Alley Spreader with Gate – 72 lbs.
  • Item 820, 8’ Long x 5’ high Heavy Duty panel – 87 lbs.
  • Item 840, 12’ Long x 5’ high Heavy Duty panel – 123 lbs.



Alternate Terms:
Arrow Sorting Pens, diagonal feed sorting pens, herringbone sorting pens, timed event sorting pens, steer sorting pens, calf sorting pens, pre-sorting timed event pens

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