Item Number: Creep Feeder Panel #1490

This fence line feeder panel is primarily used to restrict large livestock from accessing feed in another pasture, shed or barn, while allowing calves stress free access.

Hi-Hog's Creep Feeder Panel

Creep Feeder Panel

Item # Description Weight (lbs)
1490 9'-11" Creep Feeder Panel 81


  • Comes with a pin and chain at both ends of the panel.
  • Square panel ends reduce risk of foot trap found on rounded panel ends.
  • Each panel includes six calf access openings.
  • Each calf access opening is approximately 17.25" wide.
  • Panel is 60" high and 9'-11" long
  • The Creep Feeder Panel will connect with any Hi-Hog panel or frame & gate.
  • All exposed tubing ends have been coned to eliminate sharp edges.
  • The Creep Feeder Panel is part of Hi-Hog's collection of fence line feeder panels.

The creep feeder panel allows smaller livestock stress free access to feed while restricting access for  larger animals.

The creep feeder panel can also be used to sort calves from cows


Built from 1-1/2” OD, 16 Ga. & 1.9 14 Ga high tensile steel tubing.

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