Item Number: Rodeo Panels, Gates & Accessories

The majority of the panels and gates used to create your rodeo arena, alleys and stock pens come from Hi-Hog’s standard livestock panel and gate selections. The height and strength of the items used will depend on a variety of factors including:

  • type of rodeo event
  • potential risk to the public
  • budget
  • buyers preference

If your rodeo arena will not host any rough stock events, you can use 5’ high panels. For rodeo arena’s that include rough stock events you should use 6’ high panels anywhere your rough stock may occupy.

For public events, particularly those with rough stock events, we recommend using Hi-Hog Heavy Duty panels throughout the design. If you are building a practice timed event arena for personal use you may choose to reduce costs by using Hi-Hog’s lighter weight 5’ high Corral panels.

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In addition to the standard panel and gates Hi-Hog also offers a few items specifically designed for handling calves/steers:

Calf and Steer sorting arrow 

Calf and Steer Diagonal Feed Arrow

Sample use of calf alley spreaders and sorting panels


  • 24” wide alley spreader, item 3350
  • 24” wide alley spreader with swing gate, item 3360
  • Left hand calf/steer sorting panel, item 3340
  • Right hand calf/steer sorting panel, item 3341

Sorting Arrow - Hi-Hog Rodeo Equipment

Hi-Hog Right Hand Sorting Arrow

Learn more about Hi-Hog's calf and steer sorting arrow


Calf and Steer 90-degree curved alley

Curved Steer Alley

90-degree curved calf/steer alley

  • 24” wide alley spreader, item 3350
  • 24” wide alley spreader with swing gate, item 3360

  • Inside 90-degree curve for 24” alley, item 3338
  • Outside 90-degree curve for 24” alley, item 3339
Inside Curve of Steer Alley Rodeo

Six rail inside 90 degree curved rodeo calf / steer panel #3338

Bucking Chute Entry Corner

Bucking Chute Entry Corner

Hi-Hog offers a left hand and right hand 90 degree entry corner to transition bucking stock into Hi-Hog's bucking chutes. These heavy duty bucking chute corners are designed to pin directly to Hi-Hog's bucking chute and any Hi-Hog 32" wide alley spreader.

Hi-Hog Bucking Chute Entry Corners

  • Item 1753 - Left Hand Entry Corner
  • Item 1763 - Right Hand Entry Corner 

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