Item Number: Calf Tipping Table #55

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Hi-Hog's calf tipping table comes with loads of features to make branding, castrating, vaccinating and dehorning easy.

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Hi-Hog Calf & Small Animal Tipping Table

Calf Tipping Table with self-catch head gate and neck extender

Item # Description Weight (lbs)
55 Calf Tipping Table 472
58 Optional Hydraulic Tipping Kit 36

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Hi-Hog's calf tipping table comes with a self-catch, auto-return head gate. The head gate is activated and locked by the animals themselves. This frees the operator to work more effectively from the flight zone of your livestock. Working from behind the animal will minimize livestock stress and increase processing efficiency. With your stock secured in the head gate, the chute can be squeezed and tipped in one smooth, easy motion.

Hi-Hog calf tipping table with self-catch auto-return head gate

Tip and squeeze in one easy motion

The adjustable width ensures you can set the table to restrain and elevate your goat or calf (up to 450 lbs).

Six spring loaded, sheeted side access panels swing down independently to provide clear access to the full length of your animal. To access the feet the sheeted foot panel can be swung up and/or removed. All the access panels are sheeted on the inside to keep feet safely inside the chute.

Dally cleats are provided at each end of the table to safely secure legs. The table comes standard with an integrated neck extender.

Hi-Hog calf tipping table with six drop down access panels

Excellent animal access

Hi-Hog's reversible calf cradle

Six drop-down side panels

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Neck Extender

For the ultimate in safety and control your calf table includes a neck extender.

Hi-Hog’s neck extender is linked to the self-catch head gate. When the head gate is set to receive the next calf, the vertical neck extender bars are situated next to the head gate. When the calf pushes on the head gate, the head gate moves forward and drives the neck extender to move parallel to the animal movement; away from the head gate. When the self-catch head gate locks, the neck extender is similarly locked in position. This provides the handler with safe and secure access to the calves head and neck.

Calf Cradle with neck extender for tagging and castrating calves

Excellent Neck Access

Note: Hi-Hog’s calf tipping chute with neck extender has been approved in Canada by the Verified Beef Production program. As such, you may be eligible, through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP), for partial funding for your purchase of Hi-Hog’s calf tipping table with neck extender. 

Durability, functionality and safety are built into every Hi-Hog product. Compare materials, fit and finish and you will see the Hi-Hog difference.


  • Heavy duty self-catch, auto return head gate
  • Head gate opens wide for easy release
  • Head gate can be locked open
  • Head gate comes with neck extender for superior control
  • Fully reversible for left or right hand brands
  • Squeeze and tip in one easy well balanced motion
  • Adjustable bottom width to hold a variety of weights and stock
  • Pin your calf alley directly to the included tailgate (tailgate does not tip with the table)
  • Six independent spring loaded side access panels swing down for safe fast access to the full length of your animal
  • Access panels are sheeted to keep feet safely inside
  • Foot panel swings up to provide clear access to the feet (the foot panel is also removable)
  • Equipped with convenient tie loops for securing legs
  • Tailgate operated with a high quality rope and pulley system which frees operator movement to work calves flight zone
  • Heavy duty all steel construction
  • Quality fit and finish
  • Table can be locked in upright position
  • *Includes optional add-on brackets for Hydraulic Tipping (see hydraulic option below)
Calf table with integrated rear tail gate

Extended tail gate rope frees handler to work the calves flight zone.

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Optional Hydraulic Tipping Kit

Calf Tipping Table with Hydraulic Tipping Kit

To use this option, you will require an existing hydraulic system equipped with a valve and pump. If you already have a Hi-Hog hydraulic cattle squeeze with an extra valve you have what you need. Using the hydraulics from a tractor will also work. You will require 1200 psi to operate the tipping action.

Hi-Hog's Hydraulic Tip Option for the Calf Tipping Table

The hydraulic tipping option makes laying your animals over easier than ever.

The hydraulic tipping kit (item 58) will bolt directly to your Hi-Hog calf tipping chute with neck extender (item 55). Simply attach your hydraulic lines to the cylinder fittings (#6 O-Ring Flat Face Fittings).

  • The hydraulic tipping option includes mounting brackets, fittings and 8″ ram
  • The valve and pump are not included 

Note: The hydraulic kit will also work on Hi-Hog’s previous calf tipping table model; the double-header calf table, item #56. However, you will be required to drill holes in the body floor to mount the ram bracket.

Note: This table is not recommended for horned cattle, including team roping and dogging stock.

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