Item Number: 382 - Calf Sorting Gate in Frame

Hi-Hog’s Calf Sorting Gate can help you sort your calves with a minimum of stress. The heavy-duty livestock gate can be used as a traditional pen gate throughout the year. When you’re ready to sort your calves, you simply open the bottom half of the gate to allow your calves to flow through.

The height of the gate is adjustable so you can set the height of the gate opening to match the needs of your operation. The gate has seven height settings.

Hi Hog Calf Sorting Gate in Frame

Calf Sort Gate in Frame - Item 382, 297 LBS



Hi-Hog Calf Sorting Gate  - 12'w x 8' h

Small spacing at the bottom of the gate for better calf control


With Hi-Hog's calf sorting gate you do not have to cut up a perfectly good livestock gate. This one gate will adapt to your calf sorting requirements, no matter the size of your calves at sorting time. Set the bottom of the top gate section at the shoulder height of your calves and your calves will duck under the top gate section. 

Hi-Hog's adjustable calf sorting gate makes weaning easy

Simply set the gate height to match your calves


Read the step by step instructions; How to sort calves from cows with a calf sorting gate.


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