Item Number: Overview of Crowding Tub Options

The value of a safe, reliable and efficient crowding tub should not be overlooked. The crowding tub is critical to the overall efficiency of the handling system yet many crowding tubs fail to consider the challenges of the working tub environment.

Safety First

The crowding tub can be a dangerous part of the handling process; but it doesn't have to be. 

Livestock can become anxious as they are moved into the confined space of the tub. The ground inside the tub is often slippery, muddy and uneven. These conditions make the presence of ground braces inside the tub dangerous for both livestock and handlers. The ground braces can create foot traps and cutting hazards for your livestock and tripping hazards for the handler. For this reason, Hi-Hog’s heavy duty tub spreaders run overhead rather than on the ground. 

(For improved footing install Hi-Hog's paddock slabs in and around your handling system)

Hi Hog crowding tubs, cattle sweeps and Bud Boxes

Safe and solid Hi-Hog crowding tubs

To further eliminate foot traps, Hi-Hog also extends their sheeted curved tub panels all the way to the ground (Some manufactures leave a dangerous gap at the bottom of their tub panels).

On occasion you may have an animal get their feet up on the top rail of the tub. The top connectors and pin assembly of the Hi-Hog tub panels are located flush with the top horizontal rail which closes the gap between the tub panel and the overhead tub spreader. This ensures legs don’t drop down in between the tub panels and the overhead spreaders.

Hi-Hog also caulks the sheet metal tub panels with silicon to minimize both noise and vibration. By reducing noise and vibration Hi-Hog's tub will keep your livestock calm. Calm livestock are easier and safer to handle.

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Solid Construction

Hi-Hog’s heavy-duty 20’ diameter, fully reversible livestock crowding tub is constructed with superior 66” high sheeted curved panels. These panels are held in position by heavy duty overhead tub spreaders.

The crowding tub is a very high pressure area. To ensure your crowding tub is secure, the pivot gate frame and the overhead spreaders are made with provisions to anchor in place. If your tub happens to be located on a concrete pad simply anchor through the base plates and if not, the supplied 24" ground stakes will prevent the tub from shifting.

The solid pivot gate comes mounted in its own frame. The hinges are 2-7/8” OD x 4” and come with grease fittings for outstanding year round performance. The spring loaded pivot gate latch is rubber coated for smooth, quiet and secure operation. The latch is reversible for clockwise or counter-clockwise operation.

A wide range of components can be combined to create hundreds of different tub designs to meet your needs. Tubs can be set up for clockwise or counter clockwise operation.

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Improve livestock flow with Hi-Hog's cattle sweeps and cattle handling equipment

A typical funnel crowding tub installation

Modular Design

Hi-Hog uses a standardized pin connector system which provides their designers with incredible freedom to combine the modular parts in hundreds of different ways.

Here are some examples of our most common modular tub parts:



Most of the livestock tubs used are based on one of the following tub styles:

Funnel Crowding Tub

Hi Hog funnel cattle sweep with loading chute load-out

Funnel Crowding Tub

This is our most popular crowding tub. In a standard three section funnel crowding tub your livestock turn 180 degrees so they are turned back towards the direction they came from. The curved funnel section on the interior of the tub guides your cattle into the alley. The straight panel that makes up the funnel can include an access gate, load-out gate, or full sized gate.

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90° Straight Crowding Tub

Hi Hog 240 cattle sweep with 90 degree change in direction

Ninety degree; Half circle crowding tub

This half circle tub redirects your livestock 90° from the direction they were travelling when they entered the tub.

180° Straight Crowding Tub

Hi Hog 250 half circle cattle sweep

170 degree; Half circle crowding tub

This tub is the same as Hi-Hog’s Funnel Crowding Tub without the funnel section. Like the funnel crowding tub this tub returns your livestock back in the direction they came from. If space is a concern this may be the better choice over the funnel crowding tub.

1/3 Circle Reverse Tub

Hi-Hog's Quarter circle cattle sweep with center return

Quarter circle tub with center return

This is a small tub which is popular with those with small herds or limited space

Return Crowding tub

Cattle sweep functions like a Bud Box

Bud Box style crowding tub

This tub is designed to be operated similarly to a Bud box. In this design your livestock enter the tub right beside the exit. Once they fill the tub they will look for an exit. When they don’t find an exit they will retrace their path back towards the entrance where they will find the exit to the working alley.

Bud Box

Hi Hog Bud Box

Typical Bud Box configuration

The Bud box is a penning technique as old as cattle handling itself. The concept is based on the simple idea that cattle will return to where they came from. This concept gained interest when it was promoted by Bud Williams which is why people often refer to this penning design as a Bud Box.

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Custom Design
Remember, these are just the standard tub designs. Because all of Hi-Hog’s livestock equipment works with a common pin connector system we can combine the elements to create a tub design that meets your individual ranch needs. We are happy to prepare a design just for you. Its free so why not give us a call?

Tub Tips

An efficient handling system design will ensure the livestock can see clearly into the working alley from the crowding tub.

  • Your working alley and squeeze should be clear of animals when you bring the next batch of animals into the crowding tub. This will allow your animals to flow without hesitation through your tub and into your working alley
  • Access to the working alley should be clear when livestock enter the crowding tub. If you have a door between your tub and alley, ensure the door is open when animals enter your tub
  • Do not put an alley stop in the first section of working alley as this blocks the exit.
  • When an animal stands in the crowding tub, they should be able to see one to two animal lengths into the working alley
  • Ensure there are no 'stress' elements at or near the entrance to your working alley. You don't want anything to distract your animals from calmly entering your working alley
  • Do not overfill your tub with animals as this makes it more difficult for livestock to see the exit, and to move towards the exit.

Despite the name 'crowding tub', you should never crowd your livestock in the tub. Instead, give your animals room to turn in the tub so they can find the entrance to your working alley. Only after your animals have found and begun to enter your working alley should you begin to close the tub gate. Remember to always leave enough room for the remaining animals to turn and face the alley.

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