Item Number: Squeeze Trailer #1543

Turn your stationary Hi-Hog cattle squeeze chute into a portable cattle chute with the addition of Hi-Hog’s squeeze chute trailer.

With a mobile cattle chute you can share your chute with neighbors or transport your cattle chute from pasture to pasture.

Hi Hog Cattle Squeeze Chute Trailer

Quickly load and transport your Hi-Hog cattle squeeze chute

Load your cattle squeeze chute with ease

While most squeeze trailers require the operator to manually lift and strain to connect the trailer to the squeeze chute, Hi-Hog’s trailer can remain connected to your vehicle at all times.

To make transport easier, the trailer is tapered at the back end to guide the trailer around the squeeze body. Once aligned, simply attach the steel cables to the lifting tabs on your Hi-Hog chute and use the included 2000 lb auto-locking winch to lift the chute into position (If you are using this trailer on a Hi-Hog squeeze chute built prior to 2017, the lifting tabs will need to be welded on to your existing chute).

Once your chute has been lifted into position, simply secure your chute with two tie-down ratchet straps and you’re ready to go.

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Note: tie-down straps not included.

Hi Hog Cattle Squeeze Chute Trailer 02

Squeeze chute strapped down securely and ready to go

Pasture ready squeeze chute transport

When your chute is loaded on Hi-Hog’s squeeze chute trailer you will have 7 3/4” inches of clearance below the trailer frame to help you negotiate your pastures bumps.

The draw-bar is designed to give you lots of control for backing your chute into position and enough tongue length to allow for sharp turns.

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Product Features:

  • 7 3/4” of clearance below the trailer frame
  • 10 of clearance below the squeeze chute floor
  • The hitch coupler will fit a 2” ball. 
  • Draw-bar designed for improved control for aligning with squeeze chute. 
  • Spring loaded quick-hooks 
  • Includes new 205/75 D15 tires
Hi Hog Cattle Squeeze Chute Trailer in field

Hi-Hog's squeeze trailer with Hydraulic Cattle Squeeze Chute

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  • Item Number 1543
  • Item Weight 662 Lbs
  • Axle Capacity 3,196 Lbs
  • Length of trailer frame 14’-9 7/8”
  • Length – with hydraulic chute loaded 15’-10”
  • Height – with hydraulic chute loaded 9’-5”
  • Height – with hydraulic chute built after 2016 8’-10 1/4”
  • Length – with manual chute loaded 15’–5”
  • Height – with manual chute loaded 7’-11”
  • Length of towing tongue (draw-bar) 5’-1 7/8”
  • Width – To outside of trailer wheels 6’-3 1/16”
  • Height from grade to top of 2” towing ball 15”

Note: when transporting the hydraulic squeeze chute, we recommend the hydraulic pump is stored ahead of the trailer axle (closer to the trailer hitch) to ensure the recommended hitch weight is maintained.

If you are loading any other items in the chute they should be located so the balance of the load is slightly forward on the tongue side of the trailer axle. This will minimize the risk of trailer tail swing. Do not overload the tongue or axle.

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