Item Number: Adjustable S-Alley Parts

The curved S-Alley was developed by Hi-Hog to take advantage of several natural livestock behaviors. The result is an alley that cattle will enter and flow through with less hesitation and less stress. This is Hi-Hog’s most popular cattle handling alley.

an alley for handling cattle on the ranch

21' Adjustable S-Alley With 2-Rolling Doors and #200 Adjustable Spreader

Hi-Hog's most popular S-Alley and the Building Blocks of a Great Handling System.

Hi-Hog S-Alley cattle handling systemThe typical S-Alley measures approximately 21’ in length (shown above). By varying your choice of alley spreaders and rolling doors, the overall length of your S-Alley will vary.

NOTE: The curved alley panels pin to the alley spreaders. The pin connections provide ample tolerance for set-up on uneven terrain. The connectors also provide some play if you need to make minor adjustments in the length or direction of your cattle working alley.

an alley for the safe treatment of cattle on a ranch

Hi-Hog Adjustable S-Alley with Adjustable Spreaders in the Middle and at the Palpation Cage with an Adjustable Rolling Door at the Alley Entrance

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Hi-Hog S-Alley with no rolling doors

Adjustable Hi-Hog S-Alley with no rolling doors

Hi-Hog S-Alley with fixed width rolling doors

Hi-Hog S-Alley with fixed width rolling doors

Hi-Hog S-Alley with adjustable width rolling doors

Adjustable width Hi-Hog S-Alley with integrated rolling doors

If you would like a longer alley, simply add another alley section. Each additional section adds approximately 10’ to the alley’s length.

31' Adjustable Hi-Hog S-Alley with two rolling doors

31' Adjustable Hi-Hog S-Alley with two rolling doors


Hi-Hog also offers two shorter S-Alley panels measuring 7'-6" in length. This shorter alley section may be required to shorten your handling system so that it may fit into your existing barn or ranch conditions. A walkway is not available for the 7'-6" curved panel.

Hi-Hog 7' Adjustable S-Alley

Hi-Hog 7' Adjustable S-Alley

Additionally, the S-Alley can be combined with our other Hi-Hog alley systems to create a custom handling system made with standard Hi-Hog products (see combination alley)



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Efficient livestock handling begins with better design

A well-designed cattle handling system will work with your cattle’s instinctive behavior to encourage efficient, low-stress flow. When you set up your S-Alley ensure the curve of the S-Alley matches the sight lines out of the crowding tub. 

Hi-Hog crowding tub flows smoothly into S-Alley

Excellent sight lines from tub into S-Alley

The Value of a Curved Alley

As the lead animal exits the tub and enters the curved S-alley, it will continue to see open alley ahead, encouraging further forward movement. Ideally the lead animal will move without obstruction through the working alley and directly into your squeeze chute (the alley should be empty when you bring your livestock into the crowding tub).

As the lead animal proceeds through the S-alley, they will move around the curve of the alley and out of sight of the remaining animals in the crowding tub. The desire of the remaining livestock to stay with their herd will motivate the remaining animals to enter the working alley in an effort to catch up to the lead animal.

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Sheeted panels keep your livestock safely focused

The sheeted S-alley panels help your livestock stay focused and calm. The sheeted sides remove visible distractions outside of the alley while simultaneously focusing your animal’s attention on the open alley ahead.

The curved panels have smooth sheeting on the inside of the alley to minimize the chance of livestock climbing out of the alley.

The curved panels come in 60” and 66” heights so you can have an alley with:

  • both sides high
  • both sides low
  • one side high and one side low

In most situations, the working alley is set up with one high side and one low side. Elevated walks are then hung on the low side of the alley to make it easy for you to access your livestock in the alley from the elevated walk.

Curved S-Alley Panels

Item # Description Weight (LBS)
180 66" High x 10' Long A-Section 199
190 60" High x 10' Long A1-Section 197
1340 66" High x 10' Long B-Section 216
1350 60" High x 10' Long B1-Section 181
181 66" High x 12' Long A-Section 237
1341 66" High x 12' Long B-Section 238
1342 66" High x 7'-6" Long B-Section 165
1352 60" High x 7'-6" Long B1-Section 139

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High Traction Elevated Walkways

The high traction walkways are designed to follow the curve of the alley. Each walkway hangs on the stationary side of the alley on three hangers. If you include an adjustable spreader that includes a rolling door there will be a small gap between the walkways. This gap can be filled by adding a walkway transition (item 275).


235 10' Long B1-Walkway 106
1405 10' Long A1-Walkway 94
275 Walkway Transition 9.5

S-Alley Spreaders

A variety of alley spreaders are available depending on your needs.  The fixed width alley spreaders are set at a width of 32". The adjustable S-Alley spreaders can adjust between 18” and 32”. Both the fixed and adjustable width spreaders are available with or without doors.

Non-adjustable Alley Spreaders


20 32" Wide, Fixed Width Alley Spreader 41
30 32" Wide, Fixed Width Alley Spreader with Swing Gate 78
37 32" Wide, Fixed Width Alley Spreader with Lift-up Gate 110
40 32" Wide, Fixed Width Alley Spreader with Rolling Door 177

Adjustable S-Alley Spreaders

210 Adjustable S-Alley Spreader - Right Hand 185
200 Adjustable S-Alley Spreader - Interior 117
1230 Adjustable S-Alley Spreader - Left Hand 185
215 Adjustable S-Alley Spreader - Right Hand - With Rolling Door 306
220 Adjustable S-Alley Spreader - Interior - With Rolling Door 366
1235 Adjustable S-Alley Spreader - Left Hand - With Rolling Door 306

Adjustable S-Alley

The adjustable S-Alley will benefit those who work both calves and cows.

The width adjustments are accomplished quickly and easily.

  • To narrow the alley width simply lift the handle on the alley spreader. To secure the width set the chain in the keyhole latch. Every link provides a width adjustment.
  • To widen the alleys width, release the chain from the latch and lower the handle on the alley spreader. When you are happy with the width secure it again with the chain and keyhole latch.

The width of the alley can be adjusted at each alley spreader. This has many benefits:

  • When working calves, narrow the entire alley for the width of your livestock but keep the alley at its full width at the exit from the tub. This will provide the calves with a large, easy to locate exit from the crowding tub. Once you have the calves started up the alley you can then narrow the alley at the tub
  • When you are working larger livestock, you can narrow the back end of the alley to deter the animals from backing up in the alley.

If you have an animal in distress in the alley you can quickly open the alley to the full width to give your livestock room to stand up. If your livestock are still in distress you can easily open the alley right up by popping the two pins that secure the curved panel to the alley spreader. (always take precautions to avoid injury before attempting to un-pin any part of your handling system)

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Assembly is simple.

The curved alley panels are pinned directly to the alley spreaders. The S-Alley’s connectors provide the flexibility to set up a fully adjustable alley on uneven ground while maintaining ease of adjustment.

Note: when installing your S-Alley the alley spreaders should be arranged in a straight line.

Optional Alley Stop

An optional alley stop can be added to the alley to prevent livestock from backing up. We recommend you do not locate the alley stop in the first alley section as this will restrict flow out of the crowding tub.

Alley Options


170 Alley Stop 45
1406 Walkway Stairs 31

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