Item Number: Adjustable Combination Alley Parts

Why settle for a cookie-cutter cattle handling alley when you can have an outstanding custom designed cattle-working alley built from standard stock items that fit your individual livestock handling needs.

Not all cattle handling facilities are built the same. This is why Hi-Hog has created a wide range of alley options that can be combined to create hundreds of different safe and efficient livestock handling systems.

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Hi-Hog offers both adjustable and non-adjustable alley solutions in both straight and curved configurations. Hi-Hog also offers a wide range of alley spreaders to give you the freedom to combine its many alley styles into one working alley. 

combine alley systems freely to achieve your alley goals

Combination alleys may combine sections of:

When transitioning from a non-adjustable alley to an adjustable alley you will require either a left hand or right hand adjustable spreader (with or without a rolling door)

When transitioning from an adjustable straight alley or adjustable S-alley to an Adjustable U-Alley you will require one of four transitional alley spreaders:


1425 U-to-S-Alley Spreader – Right Hand 148
1435 U-to-S-Alley Spreader – Left Hand 148
1426 U-to-S-Alley Spreader – Right Hand – with Rolling Door 397
1436 U-to-S-Alley Spreader – Left Hand – with Rolling Door 397

 Ask an expert about Hi-Hog's adjustable combination alley options

Alley Spreaders allow alley styles to be combined

Combine adjustable Straight or S-Alley with a U-Alley


Ask an expert about Hi-Hog's adjustable combination alley options

Where do you want to go?

If your cattle handling system has specific placement requirements then Hi-Hog’s adaptable alley components will help you achieve your design goals. Our variety of heights, lengths, and curves provide you with unmatched freedom to build a handling system that meets your individual cattle handling needs.

Hi-Hog can offer hundreds of handling system design solutions; which one will work best for you?

Feel free to look at some sample cattle handling systems in our Resource section or, if you're ready to go, simply let us know what you want your cattle handling system to do and our design team will develop a design just for you. And the best part is, this is a free service.

For more information on design check out the design resources on the site. Here you will find sample livestock handling designssample corral designscattle handling tips, and guides on designing your system. Or, if you’re ready to get started just give us a call (toll free in mainland North America, 1-800-661-7002).

Ask an expert about Hi-Hog's adjustable combination alley options

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