The province of Saskatchewan has announced producer rebates for the purchase of new beef and bison equipment

The Saskatchewan Assurance System Producer Rebate provides support to beef and bison producers with farm or ranch assurance programs to meet and validate adherence to national standards or codes.

Approved eligible costs are funded at 50 per cent to a maximum rebate of $15,000.

1. Eligibility
All applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Saskatchewan producers; and
  • Demonstrate a minimum level of gross farm income in Saskatchewan.
  • Applicant must have a Saskatchewan Premises Identification (PID) number.

Eligible producers must also receive the industry training or an assessment completed by an approved assessor in the applicable application stream to be eligible for a rebate.

Beef cattle producers may utilize the Verified Beef Production Plus audit equipment recommendations, validated by their veterinarian.


Eligible activities or items include:

  • Funding is available for assessments and for eligible equipment and expenses approved and determined for each species.
  • Veterinarian assessment forms and approved equipment lists that relate to your operation are available in the Links below.
  • The maximum rebate for assessments is $1,000 (this can include more than one assessment/follow-up assessment);
  • Assessments must be completed by a licensed veterinarian in Saskatchewan;
  • Assessments must be completed to receive equipment funding; and
  • Producers must take training in the sector code of practice or biosecurity standard, where available.

Eligible Equipment

Equipment/eligible items must be listed to qualify. The list of eligible equipment purchases may change subject to development of new/updated industry-specific national standards or codes of practice.

Partial list of eligible equipment for beef cattle producers 

*Note: The maximum rebate amounts shown above were provided by Saskatchewan Agriculture. Information was not available at the time of writing for the maximum rebate on the other items. Visit the Saskatchewan Beef Cattle - Producer Rebate Program.

Partial list of eligible equipment for bison producers

In order for producers to be eligible to receive reimbursement for equipment purchases, a Saskatchewan Veterinary Medical Association licensed veterinarian must authorize these reports.
national standards or codes of practice.

2. Ineligible Expenses

  • Used or leased equipment;
  • Taxes, financing fees, interest, or legal fees;
  • Applicant/employee labour and installation costs;
  • Corporate administration costs;
  • Basic repair and maintenance of equipment or ongoing expenses;
  • Plumbing and electrical expenses;
  • Extended warranty or equipment insurance;
  • Equipment purchases before the date of an approved assessment;
  • Buildings or structures;
  • Staff training for equipment (excluding eligible training by a veterinarian);
  • Self-made equipment pieces;
  • Wood constructed items (panels, pens, alleyways);
  • Equipment fabricated by entrepreneurs (neighbour / local welder etc.); and
  • Items not listed on the approved eligible equipment list. 

Visit the Saskatchewan Bison - Producer Rebate Program.

3. Deadlines
Applications for both program streams will be accepted on an ongoing basis. All claims must be received by December 31, 2022.

Contact Hi-Hog with your beef or bison equipment questions

4. Apply
Download Application Form for cattle producers

Download Application Form for bison producers

Funding is available for assessments and for eligible equipment and expenses approved and determined for each species.

Visit the Saskatchewan Producer Rebate web page