Item Number: Accessories - Panel Connectors

Hi-Hog offers three styles of panel connectors; post-to-panel connectors, connector links, and weld-on connector hoops.

Post-to-panel Connectors

Post to panel connectors

Hi-Hog offers a vertical and a horizontal bolt-on connector. These allow you to pin your panels to your barn wall or post. The wall plates measure 2” x 5”.

  • Item 1110, Vertical Post-to-panel connector, 0.8 lbs.
  • Item 1111, Horizontal Post-to-panel connector, 0.8 lbs.


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Connector Links

Connector Link adds low cost flexibility to your corral design

Connector Links provide a simple and economical way to connect multiple panels at one connection. Simply lift the existing connector pin in your line of panels and insert the connector link between the connectors and re-insert the pin. Require two links for each additional panel you require.

Item #: 1112
Size: 1/4" x 1-1/2” x 4”
Weight: 0.34 lbs

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Weld-on Connector Hoops

Weld on livestock panel connector hoops

We offer several weld-on connector hoops for those who wish to weld connectors to existing metal posts, or for those who wish to add connectors to existing equipment to adapt to Hi-Hog’s standard connector height.

Item Thickness Width Flat Length
1301 1/8" 1 1/4" 5"
1302 1/8" 1 1/2" 4"
1303 1/8" 2" 4"
1304 3/16" 1 1/4" 5"
1306 3/16" 1 1/2" 5"
1308 3/16" 2" 5"

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